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NFL Draft: Cowboys edition

By: Ethan Smith


Yes, its that time of year again when all the boys start to talk football again. It’s the most anticipated football time of the year, besides the super bowl, of course. These young boys that have dreamed about this movement their whole lives will no longer be a dream on April 28th-30th. This years draft is held in Chicago but the first overall pick is going to the Tennessee Titans. The draft order after the coveted first overall pick is the browns at second, San Diego Chargers at third, and Texas’s beloved sports team the Dallas Cowboys. The boys have not had a pick in the top ten since 2012 when they took LSU’s Morris Claiborne sixth overall but for the cowboys this year it is different. The cowboys need to draft a player that can take their already super bowl ready roster to the next level. The importance of a player that doesn’t just play with grit and hard work but a player that has the heart to play for America’s team is crucial to Jerry Jones. The big man isn’t giving away any clues on who he is going to draft however. The multi-billionaire has worked out draftees all the way from quarterbacks to defensive players and wide receivers to complement Dez Bryant. Jerry wants to make a super bowl roster but some people say he cannot do it without taking a strong quarter back to take over for Tony Romo in the near future and with good quarterbacks like Carson Wentz and Jared Goff in the draft why not take a QB with the first pick? Easy answer, Jerry Jones simply doesn’t believe the hype in big time drafted quarterbacks. I mean look at RG3, Vince Young, and Johnny Manziel. They were all said to be the best quarterback to ever play college football but when it came to the NFL they probably did their job worse than any GM the Browns have had in the last, well forever. I mean these guys were terrible. Example of why Jones thinks this way is the great Tony Romo was an undrafted free agent that became the best in Cowboys history so why not try and go that route again and with the top five pick get a lock down corner which the Cowboys have needed since Dion Sanders. Yes, I am saying the cowboys have not had a corner truly worthy of playing in the NFL since the nineties. Maybe Jerry will even go really far off the board and trade the pick for more picks or draft a wide receiver. You never know with Jerry until it happens.





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NFL Draft