How to Heal a Sunburn

April 1, 2016

By Jenna Hoelscher

It is that time of year again when the sun comes out and the temperatures rise; when this happens many attempt to go outside and get their bronze glow back. Sadly, this either ends in two ways…1. They succeed and are no longer pale or 2. They fail and trade in their pale skin for red and blistered skin. To prevent the sunburn you put on this magical cream that will block you from the sun called, SUNSCREEN. If you are someone that does not or forgets to use sunscreen then you are probably wondering how to deal with this horrible sunburn. Lets go ask the students of Fort Worth Christian High School for their advice on dealing with sunburns. Sarah Crump (12), says to prevent them you obviously need sunscreen, but to heal them apply aloe vera. When Natalie Tucker (10) has a sunburn she says that she puts “that after sun stuff…the lotion” on. Tyler Hemphill (12) outs on aloe and even sits with an ice pack on to cool off the heat on the burn. Allison Crist (11) says that she moisturizes her skin and even claims that putting potatoes on her helps. Trace Holloway (10) says that the worst thing you could do when having a sunburn us to scratch or slap your skin. Tatum Thorp (12) told me that taking a bath in oatmeal and eating pickles can help heal your sunburn. These are all great ways to prevent or heal sunburns. The most common and best ways to help sunburns is to stay out of the sun and apply lotion and aloe vera. I advise aloe vera as well as moisturizer very often. With the Texas heat already increasing these tips are helpful and good to know.


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