Senioritis in Full Swing

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It’s finally here, the last nine weeks of high school. For some this is a really sad time as the realization of only 9 short weeks left with their friends in the high school. For others this is long awaited to finally get out of here and start fresh again. Many seniors have already applied and most likely gotten into colleges. The one theme that every senior has going through there head is, “Do my grades really matter?” And the answer is no, no they do not!

I went around the high school to ask some seniors how they are feeling to start the nine weeks of; here are some of their responses. Cecily Woolfolk, “ Senioritis hit me freshmen year. I haven’t been doing my work since the beginning so why start now?” Jayne Goodall had similar responses and said, “ It truly didn’t hit me until second semester where I didn’t want to do absolutely anything but I really haven’t been doing anything all along so it doesn’t really matter.” I asked 12-year senior Walker Logan, he said, “ I really don’t want to do anything ever, it’s like I don’t want to make my teachers mad but I really don’t feel like doing my work. It helps that I have a shorter schedule though.” Another 12-year senior, Claire Sladek said, “I totally have the senioritis bug but I haven’t completely given up yet.”

You heard it from the seniors themselves! It is a real thing and it is VERY present in Fort Worth Christian High School. But whether you look at it as good news or not, graduation will be here before we know it! So enjoy the time you have seniors, and maybe try to do some of your homework. 😉

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Senioritis in Full Swing